Washing and care

Bag care

If you want your bag to look like the first day for as long as possible, follow these tips:

1- Never leave it exposed to sunlight, store it in a dry place to avoid color changes.

2 - When you do not use it, always store it in a case so as not to damage the bag or its skin.

3 - If you are going to keep the bag stored for a long time, fill it with tissue paper so that it does not deform.

4-Clean your bag regularly with a dry white cotton cloth. When cleaning them, you should not put them in the washing machine or immerse them in water.

5 - To keep your bag in perfect condition, we recommend avoiding it getting wet. Moisturizing your leather bag with special creams or the classic Nivea is a good practice that you should carry out at least once a year (in the case of leather bags).

Clothing care

Follow the washing and maintenance advice on each product sheet.

Jewelry care

All our jewelry is made of stainless steel so it does not require any special care. You can submerge it in water without any problem. It does not oxidize or change color and is hypoallergenic.