We want you to know us a little better

9MÁS5 SHOP is a women's fashion and accessories brand that was born in Madrid in 2022, by two friends who are mothers of 9+5 children with the intention of reconciling work life and family life.

familia de Pachi, fundadora de 9mas5 shop

In October 2022 our paths crossed at a time in our lives when we found ourselves unable to combine our work life and our family life.

It was then that we took the leap to start organizing Women's Fashion and Accessories Markets in the gardens of the homes of relatives and acquaintances. There we realized that good taste, elegance, a job well done and a big smile could do anything.

At that moment 9MÁS5 SHOP was born. It couldn't be any other way, since the most important thing in our life is what gives meaning to this brand, our children: Javier, Lucía, Paloma, Ramón, Álvaro, Fernando, Inés, Juan, Almudena and Nicolás, Alejandro, Candela , Sonsoles and Manuel.

  • negocio justo

    Fair business

    We believe that fashion is very enjoyable if all parties in the process win. We respect our manufacturers and will always look for the best price for you.

  • Simplicidad


    We look for versatile pieces for your everyday life and, at the same time, for more special moments. Updated classics that can last in your closet.

  • Singularidad


    We know that you are unique, and that is why we want to offer you a selection of clothing and accessories that you combine as you want to express your charisma.

  • Alma


    Every choice we make has a lot of time behind it in which we think about what you are like, what you need, how we can help you and surprise you. Each garment carries with it part of our heart.

  • MErcadillos

    from you to you

    Technology helps us and amuses us (...sometimes!) like it does you. But we don't give up seeing you in person so we can learn what you like. Our appointments at the markets are irreplaceable!